green and glam…
two great looks that look great together

If your view of eco-friendly décor is that it’s full of rough-hewn woods, scratchy fabrics and country-rustic styles, it’s time to take a new look. Bringing nature into your world, and creating a space that includes décor that’s good for the planet doesn’t mean sacrificing style or good design. Are you ready to take green from granola to glam?

  • If you’ve got a great view, play it up! Opt for sheer window treatments and keep them open as much as possible. If you’ve got a really stunning view, no privacy issues, and a love of the modern—let your windows go bare.
  • Get natural fibers under your feet. Natural fiber area rugs are stylish, sustainable options that can fit with any décor style. They’re also a great for layering under smaller, more colorful rugs for a modern pop of color.
  • Bring some greenery in with an air plant housed in a sleek, modern aerium, or take up the art of bonsai.
  • Want big drama? Take a large, sleek vase and fill it with fresh flowers, or decorative branches. Stunning, simple, and sustainable.
  • Candles in sleek glass containers are a simple way to add glamorous sparkle to your home.
  • Embrace the home bar. Whether your chosen beverage is a dry martini, or a club soda with lime, classic bar accessories crafted from recycled stainless steel are the perfect element for a glam green home.
  • Invest in organic bedding in classic glam tones for high drama that keeps things smart and sustainable.

Your space should be a reflection of you—if you’re not into glamming it up, tweak these tips to suit your style. Whether your nature inspiration comes from botanical gardens, the beach, or a mountaintop lake, choose colors that mimic your preferred style, from the soft earth tones of the prairie, or the rich shades of the mountain and forest, to the subtle neutrals of the shore.

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