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time for spring cleaning


February… it’s still winter for most of the US, but thoughts of spring are already popping up. After all, it’s just around the corner! Warmer weather means fresh spring air and the thoughts of spring-cleaning.

Spring cleaning has its roots in the days when people kept their homes shut tight all winter, and used coal, wood, or even peat for heating and cooking. The warmer weather of spring meant it was time to open up and get rid of months of accumulated dust and soot. It meant it was time to air out the linens, shake out the rugs, and take every stick of furniture outside to be wiped down and cleaned off. There are also several cultural and religious traditions that encourage a spring cleanout.

Whatever your reasons, after a long winter of closed windows and heated air, it just feels good to open things up and get everything clean and fresh.

It’s the perfect time to take stock of your cleaning cupboard as well. Get rid of the harsh chemical cleaners in favor of something that’s kinder to you and the planet. With scents like basil, lavender, and lemon verbena, Mrs. Meyer’s has cleaners for every job in your home.

Spring is the ideal time to start composting if you haven’t already. As the farmer’s market starts springing up with fresh produce, you’ll have plenty of kitchen scraps, and lots of yard trimmings as well. Pick up a cool looking recycled stainless steel compost container for your kitchen counter to keep things neat and tidy. With all the sweeping and dusting, save your back and knees with a tall broom and dustpan set designed so you can sweep up your mess without bending over.

Whether you schedule a big cleaning day, or do it all over the course of a few weeks, giving your home a post-winter airing out and freshening is a fast way to throw off the chill of winter and embrace springtime!

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