greening your décor
with plants

Plant Wall

Plants are amazing things for green décor. They bring a sense of nature to inside spaces, will happily fill awkward spaces with gorgeous greenery and they’re carbon dioxide munching, oxygen producing powerhouses. What’s not to like?

But that’s not the end of what plants can do! They’re also incredibly versatile design elements you can use to create that just-right feeling in your home.

  • Add color to an otherwise bland room
    Even if you can’t paint (or maybe you just don’t want to) plants will add a pop of welcome color to any room.
  • Grow your own herbs
    A kitchen herb garden is both pretty and practical!
  • Create a living privacy screen
    Cover a window without blocking out light, or create a living room divider with a mix of tall and hanging plants.
  • Get meditative
    Use plants to bring a natural element into your meditative space
  • Bring life to any room
    Whether it’s an enclosed patio, an interior garden, a sunroom or just a pretty window seat, plants add a sense of life and vitality to the space.

It doesn’t matter what your decorating style is, or how much light your space gets, there is a plant to suit your needs and tastes. Minimalists might like spider plants and bromeliads and both country and formal lovers can opt for English ivy and begonia (it all depends on what you grow them in and how you trim them).

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