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Sure, we’d all love to live in a home that’s picture perfect, where everything looked good and there were no lists of things waiting to be fixed, smudges on the walls, or compromises made for time or cost. The truth is, even those picture-perfect magazine homes are rarely that perfect. They’ve been helped along by great styling and sometimes a little digital fix. Whether your less-than-perfect points are waiting for the big remodel, or are there because you’re a renter who can’t make permanent changes, these are times when a little bit of cosmetic distraction are the answer to hiding your home’s flaws.

Lighting—bold lighting fixtures can create a beautiful focal point. If you hate your room’s lighting, take the fixtures down and replace them. If you’re renting, save the originals to replace when you move out.

Area rugs—from ugly carpet to scratched floors, a gorgeous area rug can hide a multitude of sins and can become a stunning foundation for your interior design.

Mirrorsmirrors reflect light, make spaces appear larger and brighter, and they’re wonderful for covering up less than perfect walls.

Add color—if you can paint, go for it. If you can’t, or aren’t ready to paint yet, use those plain-old walls as a neutral canvas to show off pops of color in pillows, throws and accents.

Hide it—a window over the kitchen sink is great. Not so great, perhaps, when it commands a stunning view of the neighbor’s wall, or some other equally attractive thing. Distract from the view by putting shelves in the window—it’s a perfect spot for a kitchen herb garden.

Create a gallery—if your walls are boring, have a bad texture job from a past decade, or simply lack any architectural details, consider adding a gallery wall, or hanging an assortment of cool artwork as an attractive, stylish cover up.

It doesn’t matter what your home’s “flaw” is—it could be a wall-mounted AC unit, visible plumbing, or bad design choices that have hung past their expiration dates. If you can’t completely remove the problem, get creative to find ways to distract from it, or even embrace it as part of your home’s unique vibe.


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