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keeping your furry friend safe and happy this season

Holiday Pet

Whether you’ve got company coming over, or you’re going to visit friends and family, the holidays can put extra stress on your four-legged family members. Even without the challenges of travel, Fido may be facing more two-legged folks than he’s used to, and there’s an awful lot of people food around as well. Keep your pet happy and healthy throughout the holidays with a few simple tricks.

Comfort—if you plan to travel, consider getting your pet a portable bed, and using at home for a while before you go. That way, they’ll have a familiar spot to nap and feel safe and secure when they’re away from home. At home, try to ensure your pet has a quiet place to retreat if she gets overwhelmed in crowds.

Tempting toys—make sure to anchor your tree and other decorations so your furry friends can’t tip them over, or pull them down, especially if there are candles involved! If your pup likes to chew, you might consider putting presents on a table, up out of reach. Make sure you’ve got plenty of safe and interesting toys to keep your pup amused and busy, and out of trouble.

Just say “no”—whether or not you let your pup have people food, there are foods pets should never have. Chocolate, onions, garlic, poultry bones and more can be dangerous and even deadly. Fatty and spicy foods, or just over-indulgence in acceptable people foods can lead to tummy troubles for your pet. Play it safe, keep the people food to a minimum and stock up on gourmet goodies for your furry pal.

Under the influence—if your celebration includes adult beverages, make sure to keep the libations out of Fluffy’s reach. Ditto if there’s someone around who takes medications. Make sure the bottles and pill holders are kept in a pup-proof place.

Check the greenery—mistletoe, holly, lilies, and more are all toxic to your pets. Keep your pet safe from indiscriminate chomping by keeping potentially toxic plants out of pet reach.

Remember that pets can get stressed out from all the extra people, noise, hustle and bustle, and that’s without adding travel. Take a few extra moments to pup proof your place (or where ever you’re visiting), plan to give your pet a little extra love, and provide a way for them to escape the chaos if they need to. Everyone, two-legged and four, will be happier for it.

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