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You’ve cleaned your guest room, stocked up on linens, planned out the menu and even tackled the table. Getting a jump on all the prep well before the annual holiday family invasion begins is a great way to ensure things go smoothly and with as little stress and hassle as possible. Now that you’ve got your space all spruced up, there’s one more thing to think about before guests start arriving, and that’s atmosphere.

You’ve decorated and dressed, cleaned and organized, primped, primed, and prepped everything you possible could, what else can there be? Creating the right atmosphere seems like a small thing, but in reality, it’s that finishing touch that ties it all together. After spending so much time and effort on everything else, you don’t want it to all fall apart for lack of a scented candle.

How can you create a welcoming, holiday atmosphere? Oh, that’s easy.

Start by dimming the lights in your living and dining areas and adding in lots of candles. You get bonus points if those candles have holiday scents. Just keep the ones on the table unscented to avoid clashing with the food. Try placing mirrors behind your candles to further amplify their light and sparkle.

In one simple step, you’ve tackled two of the big elements of holiday atmosphere. You’ve created softer, more flattering lighting that flickers and moves and you’ve added holiday scents to the air. The net step is sound.

It doesn’t matter if your taste runs to classic Christmas carols, or to something a bit more modern, music is a must for the holidays. And we’ve got an easy way to include music in every room. To expand your sound system into new spaces, add some Bluetooth speakers. It’s an easy (and wireless) way to make sure you’ve got music everywhere, without having to turn the volume up too loud.

Need a more portable option? Like for outside? Or in a different area of the house? Or maybe on the go? Combine low-tech with high-tech with a bamboo amplifier for your smartphone or music player. You’ll be amazed at the rich sound you get from these handy, and handmade tools.

So, you’ve got soft, sparkling light, and soothing, sustainable sounds. Now you’re ready for the holidays! Bring on the company!

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