home for the holidays…
a little prep goes a long way


It’s that time of year! Time for holiday travel and holiday guests. If you’ve got company coming to your home, get the jump on things and start prepping now to make the holidays go a little more smoothly. We’ve got 10 tips for getting your home ready to receive.

  1. The Guestroom
    Most of us don’t have a dedicated guestroom. If yours shares space with an office or craft room, or if it’s just become a catch-all room, clear and clean it out now. Make sure there are good quality bed linens and pillows, and plenty of blankets. Go the extra step and provide an attractive bowl or basket filled with nice soaps and lotions, and maybe even travel-sized packages of pain reliever and antacid.
  2. Hang a wreath
    Nothing says “happy holidays” quite like a lush, green wreath. Try a wreath made from all-organic and edible herbs for a delightfully different, and delicious, holiday display.
  3. Get cozy
    Baby, it’s cold outside! Get ready for company with extra throw blankets and pillows. You, and your company, will appreciate the added cushiony softness and cuddly warmth. If you’ve got a fireplace, make sure you’ve got plenty of fuel for it as well. And stock up on the makings of hot cocoa.
  4. Manage your mantle
    Dress up your mantle for the season. For Thanksgiving, start with lots of candles and add some seasonal décor, like an herb garland, or hurricanes filled with collected leaves and pinecones.
  5. Clean that kitchen
    Now is the time to give your kitchen a deep cleaning and decluttering as  you prep for all that cooking. While you’re at it, donate any of those canned foods you won’t be using, and dig out all your serving platters. Take inventory of anything you need and make plans to get it now, before the big holiday rush.
  6. Break out the holiday dishes
    Whether you’ve got a special set just for each holiday, or a color scheme you like, or maybe you’ve got your grandmother’s china, now is the time to bring it out and make sure it’s all in good shape, clean and ready to go.
  7. Got linens?
    Take stock of your table linens, napkins, towels, sheets and everything else and make sure you’ve got enough for all the company coming through. When you’re stocking up on dinner napkins, take a look at scented candles as well, there’s no better way to freshen a fall home, or clear the air of cooking smells.
  8. Don’t forget the tunes
    Cue up that holiday playlist! Put together a list of your favorite tunes and get them ready to go. With digital music, it’s quick and easy. Need more oomph to your music? Get naturally amplified with bamboo, or add some petite but powerful Bluetooth speakers to your system.
  9. Start those paperwhites
    They’re easy as pie to grow, and they’ll produce blooms in just a few weeks. Time your paperwhites so you’ve got some for Thanksgiving and some for Christmas.
  10. Get a handle on gift wrap
    Create a gift-wrapping station. It doesn’t have to be a big area, or even a permanent installation. But having all of your gift-wrapping supplies in one space will make your life much easier.
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