does your home need a detox…

It’s the middle of winter, your home has been closed up for a few months now and it’s the height of cold and flu season. If the wintertime blahs have taken hold in your home, it’s time to let some sunshine in and give your home a fresh new feel for the new year. Indoor air can be even more polluted than outdoor air, and since we’re inside most of the winter, it’s a good idea to do a little detox.

  • Start by opting for non-toxic materials in your home. When you purchase new items, from pillows to furniture, bed linens, and everything else, reach for the greener options.
  • Tackle any leaks and repair any damaged drywall. Moisture in the walls can be a breeding ground for molds and mildews. Check your home and replace or repair anything that shows signs of water damage.
  • Choose non-toxic cleaning products and supplies.
  • Buy air-purifying plants like aloe vera, spider plant, palm, and English ivy.
  • Consider a HEPA vacuum cleaner, especially if you have allergies, pets, or wall-to-wall carpet.
  • Invest in a HEPA air filter/purifier to help clean the air.

You can do some or all of these things, each step you take creates a cleaner, greener home. While you’re in the detox mode, consider some tips from feng shui to create a more harmonious home as well.

  • Take off your shoes before you come inside. Not only are you symbolically leaving the stress of the day at the door, you’re also leaving the dirt and grime of the street there as well. Much better for your floors!
  • Declutter your spaces to create a calmer, more soothing environment.
  • Surround yourself with natural light, fresh air, and greenery. Yes, it’s cold outside, but giving your home  a good airing out on a regular basis keeps things feeling fresher.
  • Choose colors that make you feel good and that create the atmosphere you want in your home. Whether it’s soothing cool blues, or invigorating reds, make your home a happy space for you.
  • Light a candle—it’s a little luxury that feels good, creates a sense of wellbeing, adds sparkle to your home, and brings in wonderful aromas from the scents you choose.
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