interior resolutions…
a new look for 2014

Do your resolutions for 2014 include a new look for you? Have you made a resolution to be more green in 2014? How about your home? Is 2014 the year you’re determined to redo your décor? We’ve got a few tips for those who want to create a more comfortable, inviting, and eco-friendly space this year.

  1. Define the function
    How will your space be used? Is this an office? A guest room? A family room? Dining room? Think about who will be using the space, and how, then take inventory of what furniture and décor you already own. Next, decide what you still need in that space to make it work for it’s intended function.
  2. Think color
    Whether you’re starting fresh, or you’ve already got a few pieces, determine your color scheme. Take a look at our color tips and pick the shades that work for your space.
  3. Find your focus
    When you enter the room, where does your eye naturally fall? You can use that point, or create a new focal point. It could be a view, a fireplace, large piece of furniture, the TV, or whatever works. It’s the first thing people will see, so make it a positive one.
  4. Find what fits
    If you’re purchasing new pieces, don’t guess on dimensions. Measure your room and find pieces that work in size and scale. This is especially important on area rugs!
  5. Make the right arrangements
    Make sure your room is laid out in a way that promotes its primary function and allows people to move about easily.
  6. Window dressing
    Don’t overlook the windows, think about functionality as well as looks. A TV room might have different window treatment requirements than a dining room, for example.
  7. Good lighting does wonders
    Don’t rely on overhead lighting. Instead, opt for dimmable mood lighting, and task lights to create the right atmosphere, provide ample light, and define spaces.
  8. Texture is your friend
    From a soft, fuzzy throw, to a patterned pillow, or a smooth wooden accent, everything has textures. Use a variety of textures to create interest and character.
  9. Little things count
    Once you’ve got the big stuff in, it’s time to think about little things that make a room feel more personal and welcoming. The great thing about accents is you can rotate them throughout your home to create an ever-changing display that always feels fresh.
  10. Think sustainably
    Make smart, informed choices that make sense for you and your family, and also for the planet.


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