it isn’t (only) about the beer…

BIergarten Table Bands in the Sand

Picnics at the beach, or in the park. Refreshing beverages on the patio with friends. A slower pace, time to relax, recharge, and enjoy.

The concept of “celebration” wasn’t conceived in Germany…but we think they have it pretty close to perfect. So does this group of bambeco friends standing on one of our vintage biergarten tables (apparently a time-honored tradition). Regardless of how you choose to break yours in, our Vintage German Biergarten Tables and Benches are the summer must-haves. We don’t recommend you stand on them, but fun is definitely embedded in their character.

We can’t say how many Oktoberfests these fabulous tables have endured, but we can, with confidence, share that they are ready and waiting to fill a scrapbook with summertime memories in your garden.

Your home should tell a thousand stories…These authentic vintage biergarten tables have many stories to tell; what will your stories be? The breaking of bread. A sense of community, family, friends. Gathered together to toast life and celebrate those you hold dear. The experience of a biergarten is so much more than beer. Recreate the festivity of a biergarten in your own backyard with an authentic, vintage table straight from Southern Germany…each one branded with a famous historic brew. You may even want to serve a margarita or two!

A perfect patio, or casual table at home—indoors or out. Also great for take-along fun. The legs on the table and benches easily fold up to go where you go. Beach, lake, mountains, or park.

Vintage German Biergarten.

The tradition of the biergarten—an outdoor space serving beer and other drinks as well as local foods, originated in the Bavarian region of Germany near the early 19th Century.  They quickly caught on and spread throughout the world.

Fun fact: The Hirschgarten in Munich is the largest biergarten in the world—it seats 8,000 people.

The biergarten plan is simple—long wooden tables and benches, sitting in a natural, comfortable, relaxed outdoor space, where people from all walks of life can come together. It’s about caring, sharing, making a community from those around you.


Biergartens are not restricted to adults only—they’re meant to be a family, and community, affair. They focus on locally-produced foods and simply celebrating life.  It’s not just for beer!

The perfect way to top off a vintage biergarten table? Make a toast to treasure—stunning glassware, made entirely of handblown, recycled glass.

Pair your Authentic, Vintage German Biergarten Table with the seating look that reflects your style.

Feeling daring? Pair your Vintage Biergarten Table with recyclable sky blue stainless steel chairs, or woven rattan and mango wood high back chairs.

  1. Vintage German Biergarten Table w/ Benches
  2. Industrial Steel Chair – Sky Blue
  3. Rattan Mango Wood High Back Chair

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