it’s not too late…
stock up on great holiday decor

Your tree is up, your entire house decorated and you’re busy making last minute preparations for big dinner. So why are we talking about holiday décor now? Simple, now is the time to get great deals on cool, sustainable décor and stock up for next year.

Pick up new décor on sale, and you can pack it away for next year when you take down this year’s decorations.

What kind of things can you buy ahead and what ones should wait?

Save scented things like candles for buying later—you don’t want to risk things like wax melting, or scents getting weaker over a year in storage. Ditto things like plants and seeds, you want those to be as fresh as possible. If you want to get them on sale right now, make them a New Year’s gift instead.

Everything else is fair game!

Stick with classic styles of ornaments for timeless appeal. Or take a more whimsical approach with fun, natural felt animal ornaments.

Once you have your new pieces, and you’re ready to take down the old, give some thought to storage and making your life easier next year. Wrap lights carefully back into boxes, or even around a piece of reclaimed cardboard to keep them from tangling. Cushion delicate ornaments with acid-free recycled paper—or this would be a good time to pick up a roll of paper towels made from recycled paper. They’re perfect to wrap delicate ornaments.

Plan your packing so like goes with like and you can easily get to everything next year. Put all your tree decorations in one box, your mantle décor in another. It makes decorating go faster if everything is in one spot. Make sure to clearly label your storage boxes as well, so you know exactly what’s in each one.

While you’re packing everything away, you might consider leaving some lights or favored ornaments out to keep the holiday sparkle in your home just a little bit longer.

Come back tomorrow for some ideas on how to use those holiday lights!

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