not just for tea…
the many uses of tea towels

Forever Dot_3Tea towels. The very name conjures up images of Victorian drawing rooms and ladies sipping tea from dainty cups. Well ditch that dated image! Tea towels are the unsung powerhouses of your kitchen and dining room. They’re not just a pretty face, they’re not afraid of getting down and doing some dirty work. Classically made from linen for its soft texture, durable nature and the fact that it won’t leave lint on the fine china, tea towels can be found everywhere from stove side to on the table, and that’s just where they belong. The tea towel’s close cousin, the flour sack towel, is an example of frugality meeting sustainability—old flour, grain and feed sacks would be repurposed into household towels.

Best Stripe Copper_cookie tinA linen tea towel can serve a variety of purposes, from the obvious drying up, to wiping hands, using in place of a potholder, lining your bread basket, or wrapping around a tea pot to keep the contents warm.

How about a few more creative uses?

  • Place a stack in the guest bathroom as an alternative to terry hand towels.
  • Line a serving tray with a tea towel to help cushion your cups and glasses.
  • They make fabulous gift wrap for a bottle of wine, or tins of olive oil.
  • Tuck a tea towel at your waist to wipe your hands while cooking or baking.
  • Use them as placemats, or oversized napkins—especially good for a hands-on meal!
  • Roll your freshly washed salad greens up in a tea towel to gently remove excess water.
  • Keep one in your car or desk drawer for handy, on-the-go miniature tablecloth.

Want a quick way to make a super simple, amazing looking appetizer? Wrap a loaf of bread in a tea towel, then arrange it on a wooden baguette board, along with a selection of fruits and cheeses. Yum!

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