let the holiday shopping begin…
from home!

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Are you looking at the calendar and realizing that the holiday shopping season is just a few days away? If the thought of braving the cold in the pre-dawn hours to do battle for the best deals in a frenzied dash to save money and score the perfect gifts leaves you ready to just write off the whole holiday season, we’ve got a better plan. Instead of dealing with malls, and traffic, and parking, and crowds, and… whew! We get tired just thinking about it! It’s a mad dash! Are you ready? Get set! And…


Turn off the alarm clock. Don’t worry about bundling up. This season, we’re going from manic to meaningful. We’re taking a step back, slowing down and looking for thoughtful gifts that make an imprint.

Stay in your jammies if you want. Instead of reaching for the car keys, reach for your keyboard. Pour yourself a mug of your favorite hot beverage and tuck a cozy blanket around you. Now you’re ready to shop.

Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on any bargains. You’ll still find plenty of those online. In fact, come back to bambeco on Black Friday and you’ll find amazing deals on stylish, sustainable gifts for everyone on your list. Come back here and we’ll even give you a whole bunch of great, green gift ideas to help you narrow the field.

Cue up the holiday tunes and light a scented candle to get in the spirit!

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