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step-by-step customized wall of green

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Whether indoors or out, living greenery adds practical beauty to your environment. Live plants are a lush, natural addition to any décor and serve to help clean the air around you. The plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen—nature’s own air filters, only prettier. Now made even easier in the Living Wall, available in Gray, White, or Reclaimed Wood Trim.

From recycled plastics to a stunning garden—get ready to wow! The Living Wall is an ingenious modular system created from recycled HDPE like milk jugs and detergent bottles. It’s quick and easy to plant your own, customized wall of green in a size and style to suit your space.

Herb Garden

Just add soil and plants to the module’s award-winning design! Perfect for a kitchen herb garden, stunning coffee table, or patio. The possibilities are endless.

Planting Instructions


  1. Remove the cover from the module
  2. Mae sure the fabric over each compartment is open and folded back, fill with soil
  3. Remove the plant from its pot and remove excess soil. Dampen the roots before replanting.
  4. Place the plant is the desired compartment.
  5. Press down on the soil, removing or adding more as needed. Add one quart of water to the reservoir to ensure good contact between roots and soil.



Each module holds nine plants, and the modules can be used singly, or in any combination you choose.

Use your Living Wall horizontally or vertically. It’s easy to mount on the wall, use just one, or multiples to create whatever design you like.


livingwallmanualwateringYou can manually water your Living Wall—check the soil at regular intervals and water as needed. Use no more than one quart for each module. Or you can connect to a micro-drip system to water up to 24 modules at once.

livingwallautowateringThe system has a built-in reservoir to slowly distribute the water as the soil dries out. Water may drip off the plants, or run out of the gutter below—a sign you’ve used too much water.

The white and gray modules are 15.” square, the reclaimed wood trim module is 21″ square.


Plant Recommendations

plant suggestions

You can use almost any plants in the modules. They make an ideal garden for kitchen herbs, and work wonders for succulents.

It’s a simple, sustainably chic way to add some green to your world.







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