make room for guests…

Guest Closet

Whew! Thanksgiving is done and the last of the dishes are finally put away. It’s time to take a quick breath before the next round of holiday travel hits. With the trend toward smaller living spaces, fewer people have a dedicated “guest” room, and that’s a good thing for your green lifestyle. But it can make having company challenging. Fitting in a few extras, whether for overnight or just for a party, doesn’t mean you need a bigger house. It just means you need to be smart about using what space you do have.

Find some closet space – the entry closet is probably the best, but any accessible closet space will do. Before you have company over, clean out the clutter and install some space saving storage like two-tiered racks, lots of hooks and maybe even a set of shelves or cubbies. Your guests will appreciate being able to deal with all of their bulky outerwear gracefully, and you’ll appreciate the lack of clutter afforded by a closed closet door.

Get more table space – if your dining table is just too small to accommodate your crowd, expand it. A plain sheet of plywood, or a hollow-core door (hinges and knobs removed of course) can be laid on top of an existing table or sawhorses to provide additional table space. Cover it with a pretty organic cotton cloth and your guests won’t know the difference.

Lots of hand towels – got lots of company coming? Stock the bathroom with a stack of pretty hand towels by pressing kitchen towels into double duty. Put a basket filled with linen tea towels in a handy spot, and tuck an empty basket under the sink. Hang one towel next to the sink and just replace as needed, tossing the used towels into the empty basket. Your guests will love the little luxury and you’ll love the ease of clean up. What’s even better, the earth will love you for not using paper.

Lots of bath towels – along those same lines, having plenty of bath towels will make everyone’s life easier (and mean you’re not going crazy doing laundry all the time.) Bundle a bamboo bath towel with matching washcloth together and put them on your guest’s bed before they arrive. It’s a special gesture that makes company feel welcome.

Nice linens – the fastest way to transform a guest bed into something fabulous is to outfit it with really nice linens. Organic cotton or linen sheets and blankets make even a temporary space feel more luxurious and special.

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