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Bedroom part 1

A good night’s sleep—it’s a necessity for feeling good the next day. Your bed should feel good, with cozy, welcoming organic bedding that makes you want to crawl between the sheets for a few zzz’s. But style plays a part as well. Making the bed may not be your favorite task, but it’s the fastest way to have your bedroom looking neat and tidy. And a freshly made bed is inviting; it’s relaxing and soothing. We’ve said it before, you don’t have to make hospital corners and bounce a quarter off your sheets. There are many, many attractive ways to make a bed, and you can certainly combine techniques. Here are just a few of our favorites…

 The Classic

You’ll need the right top layer for this, but you know the drill. Pull the top layer up and over the pillows, tucking it under the front edge just a bit. A very easy method of making the bed.

The New Classic

Pull your top layer to the top of the mattress, then arrange your pillows on top of that. Perhaps the easiest method of making the bed, this one requires minimal tucking.



Partial Roll Down

Show off your favorite pillows with this simple technique. Just roll the comforter or duvet down a bit and prop the pillows up.

Full Roll Down

For warmer weather, fold the top layer (comforter, blanket, etc) at the foot of the bed and tuck the top sheets tightly. It’s tailored but casual.

Accent Band

This look started in hotels, but it translates to a terrific look at home. Simply tuck a narrow band of contrasting fabric across the foot of the bed. It’s the perfect use for that amazing scarf you found during your travels!

Pillow Pile

This look relies on pies of pillows to create an inviting nest. Be careful, it’s easy to overdo this one, and some people don’t like it. If you do, try layering different size pillows for the best effect.

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