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Manly Decor

Whether you’re just starting out together, looking for a refresh, or just moved to a new space, sharing space can be a challenge, especially when it comes to balancing the décor styles of partners. Don’t let your décor become a battleground. If you’ve got the space for a man cave and a ma’am cave, go for it, but for shared spaces, reach for some gender equality to create a more harmonious look, and living environment.
Manly décor isn’t all about pool tables and hunting trophies. And balanced décor means embracing both the masculine and feminine.

Go woody – embrace the great outdoors and invite nature in. Stack fireplace logs for a rustic touch sure to bring some testosterone to even the girliest of rooms. Bonus – stacked logs look great in non-working fireplaces! Don’t have a fireplace? Opt for lamps, tables and other accessories that use rough-hewn, natural or reclaimed wood. They’ll bring a welcome masculinity to any room.

Map it out – vintage maps just say “guy” to most people. Find a large map you love, bonus points if it’s of his hometown or places you’ve been together, and have it framed for a striking décor piece. Keep it on the manly side with minimalist wood frames.

Put it in the trunk – vintage steamer trunks bridge the gender gap with their strong lines, scuffs and buttery leather. Use one as a coffee or end table, or put smaller trunks to use as a nightstand.

Go bookish – wood shelves filled with books, the feel of an old library. It’s a classic image, and classically masculine.

There are three other points that should be considered in any décor, whether the style is masculine or feminine.

Quality – buy things that are crafted with care and meant to last. Not only will you be getting a better deal, you’re being kinder to the environment because you won’t be living with disposable furnishings.

Comfort – look for things that are comfortable for you and your lifestyle. A great chair is far more than just a bunch of stuffing crammed into a fabric bag and set on a wooden frame. A great chair should be comfortable for you to sit in, and be appropriate for how  you intend to use it. Don’t go for the wing chair, no matter how gorgeous, if you really want to kick back in a recliner while watching the game.

Personality – your décor should reflect who you are. And if you’re a pair, it should reflect you as a couple, and as individuals. A little quirk is cool. That may mean old photos, a collection of vintage action figures, or other odd things that don’t seem to “go”. Cull them down to a few important items and then embrace and display them proudly on a bookshelf, mantle or end table.

In the end, good masculine and feminine style are no different. They’re both all about living in comfort, embracing sustainable products, and reaching for a style that is unique to you.

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