masculine décor…
taking it to the bedroom

masculine décor

Your bedroom should reflect the people who sleep there, so if there’s a guy in the home, embracing a more balanced or masculine décor can be a good thing. It’s time to go beyond the man cave! How do you create a more masculine (and grown up) look in the bedroom without making the place look like an old English hunting lodge? The key to a more manly look is the right mix of color, pattern and texture. It’s possible to create a luxurious and inviting bedroom that doesn’t have a single ruffle, frill or flower.

Darker colors tend to create a masculine vibe, but classic British Racing Green may seem a bit stuffy and the typical red, black and silver may seem a bit too racetrack like. Turn to hues like charcoal or chocolate to bring in a rich, manly look without falling into cliché. Mixed with a light neutral, like tan or cream, and an equally rich accent color like red or steely blue, the palette will be strong, sophisticated, and decidedly masculine. Masculine décor doesn’t need to be stark and cold, or old and stuffy. The trick is to focus on your personal style, keep the lines simple and clean and the colors rich.

Start with organic cotton sheets in a rich color like dark charcoal. Top them with a linen duvet cover in natural to lighten things up a bit. Add a rustic linen blanket in cool stripes to create a subtle, non-fussy layered look. When it comes to pillows, keep it simple and rich. Good quality pillows for sleeping, wrapped in linen shams to match the duvet look clean and crisp. Tie it together with a single decorative pillow in rustic linen and your bed will look inviting and warm, without looking feminine or girly.

Don’t overlook the floor. Opt for a natural jute area rug for a more rugged look, or if you like luxury, opt for the surprising texture of a recycled paper shag rug in a rich color that will blend nicely with the colors on the bed.

Add the simple, elegant comfort of an organic cotton seersucker robe and opt for an oversize organic cotton twill bath sheet to complete the sense of masculine luxury.

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