mixed metaphors…
modern rustic design

Modern Rustic

The latest trend in home décor is a sort of mixed metaphor that combines rustic elements with modern lines and sensibilities. It’s a super flexible look that can go city elegant or country charm and everything in between. It’s also perfectly suited for all things green. Modern rustic styling means reclaimed and repurposed materials are right at home and can be incorporated to fit any décor. The look is easy and relaxed, and even in its most sophisticated interpretations; it still sports a casual, inviting vibe.

The modern rustic trend isn’t the shabby chic cottage style of days past, it’s more refined and personal than that. It’s about contrast, color and texture, mixing old with new, and making things uniquely you. Think crisp linens and earthenware bowls, reclaimed wood furniture and soft, nubby throws. Think neutral palettes spiced with bold color and fun design. The key to making the style work for you is embracing contrast.

Hanging BellsUse texture to your advantage. Think opposites: a nubby, natural fiber area rug on top of a smooth wood floor; soft, cozy wool throws on a sleek couch; rustic, reclaimed metal accents on a crisply painted shelf. If you have rough textures in your home, like exposed brick walls, bring in sleek stainless steel or glass accessories. Put a smooth glass vase on a rustic, reclaimed wood tray.

Embrace reusing and repurposing. This idea goes beyond recycled glass. Those little home accents made from reclaimed wood might make you think country charm, but paired with modern elements, they take on a new, cool vibe. Sleek, Scandinavian-style furnishings suddenly seem more welcoming and cozy when they’re crafted from reclaimed wood.

Forget style barriers. When you’re decorating with modern rustic, you can combine just about anything. Go ahead and hang those sleek, shiny chimes, and the stainless steel barware. They’ll take on new warmth and character when you put them against that brick wall, and set them on a reclaimed wood table.

Be fearless. The joy of this style is that it is so personal. If you truly love something, incorporate it. Modern rustic is generally clean and uncluttered, but it’s very personal. Your great-grandmother’s Wedgewood vase will be right at home on that reclaimed wood shelf.

Give up beige. In this style, even the neutrals are exciting. You can go with whatever color palette you like, but there is nothing shy about modern rustic styling. Go soothing and cool with a lighter color neutral palette, or get bold with darker neutrals or strong colors. Either way, think in shades of gray, from the palest of pale to nearly black, gray can be warm or cool. If monochromatic isn’t for you, just mix in colors to your heart’s content.

This is a style that is easy to start, and easy to keep up. It naturally grows with you as you and your home change over time. And that’s a style that will never go out of style.

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modern rustic design

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