the nose knows…
the scent of your home

It’s that time of year. The house has been closed up because of the weather, and you’ve alternated between having a house full of extra people, or there being no one home. It happens in winter, and it can happen in summer as well. Either way, that stale house smell takes over.

It’s no secret that scents affect everything from our moods to our energy levels, and even the way we think. It’s easy to incorporate scented candles into your décor to freshen up your home. Or even grow some aromatic herbs to bring in the scent of a springtime garden. What are the scents you want in your home and why?

Mint – pick just about any member of the mint family, these scents make us feel more alert, and can even reduce cravings for things like chocolate, salty snacks or cigarettes. The scent of peppermint helps us accomplish tedious physical tasks, like dishes, laundry or even working out. It also helps us think we’re not working as hard as we are.

Rosemary – another potent alertness booster, rosemary improves long term memory (perfect for tax time)! It’s also a natural room deodorizer, stress reducer and can help open up respiratory passages.

Coffee – the scent of coffee is indeed a stimulate that helps us wake up and accomplish routine tasks.

Orange – this homey scent reduces anxiety and creates a sense of energized calm. Perfect for your office, or in the car when you’re teaching your teen to drive!

Lavender – it’s been scientifically verified, the scent of lavender is relaxing, and encourages deeper, more restful sleep.

Clean – what’s the smell of clean? It may well vary on a person-by-person basis, but research has proven that people are more fair, generous, and neater when they’re in a space that smells “clean”.


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