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putting the humble wood bench to work

wood bench

A sturdy wood bench may have humble beginnings, but this simple piece of furniture is often the perfect solution to décor dilemmas. With a little dressing up, the humble bench becomes a beautiful and practical accent piece. Inside, a bench can be a spot to take off your shoes, provide extra seating for dinner, or serve as an impromptu table. Outside, they’re a place to stop and rest for a moment. A bench can change the way a space feels and functions; it can fill up an empty wall, or transform an awkward window or corner into something beautiful.

First, decide where you’re going to use your bench.wood bench

  • The entry – a wood bench is the perfect place to remove shoes and gather things together on your way in or out.
  • Under a window – a comfy bench outfitted with a few pillows transforms an ordinary window into a stunning window seat. Enjoy the view!
  • Along a side wall – the perfect solution in the dining room, a bench can be pulled up for extra seating, or used in place of a sideboard for serving.
  • As a coffee table – your bench can be a handy coffee table, and a great source of extra seating during a party.wood bench
  • In the bedroom – place a wood bench at the foot of the bed for a convenient spot to change shoes, place an extra blanket, or hold a tray with a water carafe and glasses.
  • A wide landing – fill the space in an extra-wide stair landing, or that awkward upstairs hall, with a cushioned bench.
  • On the porch or in the garden – it’s easy seating, great for bird watching and a perfect spot to just stop and rest. It’s also a handy table.

Now that you know where you’re going to put your wood bench, make sure to dress it up. There’s no right or wrong here, it’s really about what works for you and your décor, but we’ve got a few places to start.

  • Add softness, comfort and visual appeal with a mix and match of pillows, and don’t be afraid of going for bold colors and patterns.wood bench
  • Get some extra storage by tucking pretty baskets or bins under your bench, perfect for corralling things in the entry way.
  • Transform your bench into a pretty vignette with a tray holding a candle arrangement, vase of flowers, or even a decanter and some wine glasses.
  • Don’t forget to decorate above the bench as well. In an entry, coat hooks or a mirror are perfect. In the hall, try a shelf with a seasonal display, or hang a large piece of art. Just be sure anything you hang isn’t a hazard as you sit down!

wood bench

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