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Start talking about organizing closets and most folks turn to things like clothes and coat closets, but we have something a little more challenging in mind. We’re talking closets and cupboards that are underneath. It’s fairly easy to organize a closet that’s essentially a box, but those spaces under the stairs, or under our sinks make it a little more difficult. Often, these spaces are out of the way, oddly shaped, or have other built-in obstacles, so they simply become a messy catchall. With a few simple tips and tricks, these places can go from scary to streamlined.

Wait, what does this have to do with green décor? We’re glad you asked! An organized space allows you to better see what you have, so you can make more informed purchasing decisions – always a green thing. It also means that space in your home isn’t going to waste, makes it easier to keep your home looking good and ultimately saves you time and effort. And if all of that isn’t part of a green life, well, we don’t know what is!

First things first, take everything out of the closet or cupboard and see what you’ve got. Yep, that’s right, pull it all out and give the space a good cleaning. Now is also the time to purge anything that’s outdated, no longer works, or is in the wrong spot.

Now, sort what’s left into categories. Everyone’s will be different, maybe you keep your seasonal decorations in the closet and your neighbor keeps their pet supplies there; your best friend uses that same closet for extra linens. Just sort it all by type of thing – cleaning supplies, pet supplies, decorations, etc.

Next, assess your available storage – are there shelves? Hanging space? And the types of things you have. Would storage be easier if you added shelves? How often do you need to get to everything and how easy does it need to be to access?

Consider containers – you’ll want to group things by type. You might want to put things like pet supplies that you need to get to often and easily in open baskets on a convenient shelf. Seasonal decorations, however, can easily go in sealed tubs, boxes or crates near the back of the space. Make a list of the types of storage you need and repurpose what you have at home before buying new containers.

Most spaces under stairs and sinks are deep, with a narrow access point. Place items you need to use less frequently in the back and items you use more frequently in front. Yes, it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often things get moved around because there isn’t a system in place. That’s why the containers help.

Now that  you have it all clean and reasonably organized, if you’re feeling brave, or inspired, take the next step and make it beautiful.

Take a look around Pinterest for some inspiring images of unusually shaped closet spaces and you might suddenly find yourself rethinking that cupboard under the stairs.

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