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Every now and then we have to just shout about our Pinterest boards. We love the visual medium, the ability to gather images of things we love and sort them into categories – it’s like a design inspiration book that doesn’t require cutting pages out of magazines! Here’s how we’ve been using Pinterest lately:

Infographics – they’ve been around since man learned to make pictographs in caves, but they’ve recently become something of a trend. These visual aids allow quickly summarize complex information into an easily understandable format. And hey, they look cool and they can be fun. We’ve assembled a few of our favorites on our Infographic board. Make sure to check out the interactive Daily Dose of Water Infographic and the ones on hanging pictures and selecting the right rug size.

Color Inspiration – we love pinning our favorite colors into digital scrapbooks! Putting together a color board can help refine your choices when decorating a room, or even help you choose between different color palettes that you like.

We’ve put together boards for each of our Fall colors, take a look:

The top image pairs Graphite and Goldenrod for a graphic look in the bedroom.

Wasabi Green and Aubergine combine in this modern family room.


This terrific kitchen features Light Steel Blue with natural wood, Wasabi Green and even some Graphite accents.


Small spaces don’t mean you have to go neutral colors. Bright, bold Brick Red and strong Graphite make this studio come alive.


Check us out on Pinterest and follow your favorite boards. You’ll also find out Green Celebrities board, where we share our favorite green A-listers, and especially keep your eyes on our What’s New board!

Are you pinning? How do you use Pinterest? Share some of your favorites!

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