Outdoor Entertaining Essentials

Outdoor Must Have

Summertime… the days are longer, the nights are warmer and it’s just so nice to get out of the house! Outdoor entertaining is an age-old tradition that’s just perfect for those lazy summer days and nights. We’ve gathered together a list of must-haves to make summer entertaining more inviting, comfortable and exciting… and, of course, eco-friendly!

No backyard barbecue or patio tête-à-tête would be complete without some evening ambiance in the form of lighting. While candles are undeniably beautiful, solar-powered lanterns can be hung directly in the trees for safe lighting. String lights along the eaves, and group smaller lanterns as tabletop centerpieces for a dramatic display.

Comfortable Seating
Add cushions or pillows to your outdoor seating for added comfort and style. Just like indoors, a colorful pillow is one of those little details that takes the ordinary into extraordinary.

Water It Down
The sound of water is soothing and creates a sense of coolness and serenity. Even a small, tabletop fountain will relax and refresh.

Serve It Up
Just because you’re entertaining outdoors doesn’t mean you have to reach for the plastic ware. Opt for pretty drink sets from recycled glass in bright, summery colors. And make sure you’ve got a big, sturdy tray to carry everything on.

Go Green
Plants and flowers brighten up an otherwise dull space and are beautiful to look at. Try small plants nestled among the lanterns for a fun centerpiece, or plant some pretty flowering herbs for a garden that’s as practical as it is attractive.

Go Paperless
Give up the disposable tablecloth and paper napkins and opt for the real deal instead. Reusable cloth napkins and table linens are not just greener than their disposable counterparts, they also make your outdoor entertainment space look much nicer!

Plan It Out
You can go as casual or as fancy as you’d like. It’s all about making your outdoor space comfortable and inviting. Think of your patio, deck or yard as another room in your house and decorate it the same way. There are plenty of options for eco-friendly décor that is also outdoor friendly!

Once you’ve got your space set, just decide on a menu for some good food, add good friends and you’re set for a perfect summertime treat – outdoor entertaining, the eco-friendly way!