A Ruff Day At The Office


Today marks the 17th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day, the perfect chance to show off your furry best friend and enjoy some bonus time with your pet.

Sponsored by Pet Sitters International, Take Your Dog to Work Day began in 1999 with an estimated 300 offices participating. Since then the response to TYDTWDay (as it’s known) has grown exponentially and is estimated to be in the thousands. Additionally, offices that are dog-friendly every day have become more common (we frequently have canine coworkers in the office at bambeco!).



Pet Sitters International, an educational organization for professional pet sitters, came up with the day as a way to celebrate pets and the happiness they bring to everyday life. According to their website, they set out to show people without pets the impact their coworkers dogs have on their lives and hopefully encourage them to get a pet of their own. Coordinated events and adoption drives also help pets find new homes thanks to TYDTWDay.

If your office hasn’t implemented a dog-friendly policy or doesn’t participate in TYDTWDay, send them to Pet Sitters International’s website, where they will find valuable information and reasons why including pets in the workplace is beneficial for everyone. PSI also offers tips on safety, rules, and policies that ensure a happy, dog-friendly office atmosphere.

PSI isn’t just for dog lovers, either. The entire week leading up to today’s main event is dubbed Take Your Pet To Work Day and PSI encourages employers to allow pets other than dogs in the workplace.

Your pets make things happier at home, so why not spread the joy—bring them to work and who knows, you might convert a brand-new pet lover and help an animal find a loving forever home.


For more information about Take Your Dog to Work Day, and ideas on how to celebrate the day, visit Pet Sitters International at www.petsit.com.