paws up for a happy holiday…
traveling with your pet

If you’re traveling with your pet over the holidays, be sure to read our Holiday Hounds tips for keeping your furry friends safe and happy during the festivities. Now that you’re done with that, check out our list of travel necessities to make your trip with Fido just a bit better.

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If the places you’re going aren’t pet-friendly homes, you might have to be extra vigilant to be sure your beloved pet doesn’t get into something potentially deadly. We all know to avoid chocolate, raisins, onions and plenty of other potentially dangerous foods, but there are some unexpected hazards as well.

Mistletoe, holly, lillies and poinsettia can cause everything from nausea to death and even pine needles can be dangerous if your pet swallows them. If your furry friend loves to play ball, those shiny holiday balls can be an overwhelming, and dangerous, temptation. Watch out for tinsel as well, it can cause serious intestinal troubles if your pet eats it.

And finally, keep an eye out for potpourri, or scented oil or wax warmers. They can be very tempting for pets to lick, some scents can be toxic to pets, or cause chemical burns to their tongues.


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