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Personal Style

It’s a common refrain in fashion, “develop your personal style.” Which is a great idea. Personal style goes beyond trendy and reflects who we are to everyone around us. It should feel effortless and timeless, and it should always just seem “right” for us. Home décor really isn’t any different. The same advice you apply to fashion can be applied at home. Your personal style should dictate what your home looks like, sometimes that may include trends, and other times it may include classics. How well does fashion advice translate into home décor? Let’s find out.

Know yourself

In fashion, that means accepting everything from your age to your lifestyle and dressing appropriately for all of them. A mature woman who lives in the country and runs an organic vegetable stand at the local farmer’s market isn’t going to be running around in patent leather heels all day long. If your life is full of pets and the outdoors, a buttoned-down style may not be quite your thing; instead, you’ll opt for easy-care, easy-wear items that allow you to relax a little.

The same thing is true in your home. If you’d rather be kayaking then cleaning, high-polish surfaces and high-maintenance style won’t feel right to you. Adopt a style in your home that suited to the life you lead. It will be easier to decorate and easier to keep clean.

Get inspired

Just as in fashion, your personal style at home shouldn’t stagnate. Keep your eyes on things you love by visiting design and décor sites (like this one!) and perusing your favorite green home décor retailers. Knowing the trends doesn’t mean you have to be slavish to them, but you can create a very personal and beautiful space by carefully curating a collection of things that work for and with you.

Accentuate the positive

We’ve heard it before. Got great legs? Opt for a shorter hemline. The same is true at home. If you’ve got amazing wood floors, you’re not going to install wall-to-wall carpet, you’ll opt for an accent rug instead. The flip side of that is, of course, downplaying the negative. Lacking architectural detail? Add some of  your own with statement pieces, or well-arranged wooden shelves.

Pay attention

In fashion, that means knowing what’s out there, what’s good and what’s not. In home décor, it means knowing some basics about quality construction, and especially sustainability and green design. The best way to do that is read and ask questions. Stay on top of not just trending styles, but the facts behind them.

Get comfy

If you hate wearing a suit, and you’ve made sure you don’t work in a place that requires one, it’s highly likely that you simply don’t wear suits. Ever. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it shows, and that’s always a fashion don’t. Your personal style at home is no different. An all-white room isn’t going to make you feel relaxed and at home if you’re constantly worrying about the muddy paw prints and spilled red wine or coffee. Making your space feel right for you and the way you live is always a fashion and home décor do.

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