pile on the style…
pillows make a statement

Want a fast, easy way to add color and flair to any room? Update the accent pillows. Express your personal style, update your décor for the changing season, or create a fresh new look just by adding, or changing, the pillows.

Pillows can be used in small doses, to add a single pop of color or texture, or they can be layered on for cozy appeal. Aim for a blend of colors and textures to make a personal statement, but don’t pile on so many pillows your guests have no place to sit.

  • A couple of colorful pillows creates more drama than an entire pile of neutral ones.
  • Look at your color palette, then turn to the color wheel as a guide. For high drama, choose contrasting, or complementary colors. To keep things more soothing, stick to analogous colors.
  • You can place larger pillows around a coffee table or fireplace to invite floor lounging.

Warm up your space

A mix of warm, spicy color and touchable textures makes this pillow assortment work.

Embrace geometry

Subtle colors in bold designs create a warm, welcoming look with these pillows.

Keeping it cool

For those who prefer cooler tones, grays and blues combine with mixed textures for an interesting look.

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