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Go ahead, create an outdoor “room” to enjoy the beautiful weather! Don’t forget to light it up for parties that go on into the night.

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Inspiration! It’s the heart of any decorating project, whether you’re just updating your space, doing a complete overhaul or starting from scratch. That vision you have of your dream home, the picture of your perfect room, they keep us focused and help guide our decisions in the design and décor process. In years past, getting inspiring images meant clipping out magazine pages, and later, saving digital images into a file on your computer. Now, you can easily collect, save and access your inspirational images from any digital device. Oh yes, we love Pinterest!

A mosaic “rug” from colorful pebbles is a terrific idea to anchor a garden space. Want something a little easier (and more portable)? Try an outdoor rug, perfect for picnics and porches.


Going green – literally. Plants help improve indoor air quality, and bring a little of the outside in. Create your own hanging garden with cool recycled glass terrariums, and the super-easy-care aeriums.

Source: via Bambeco on Pinterest


Pull up a seat and watch the sunset! Outfit your yard with cool, green furniture to enjoy the weather all season long!


And how could anyone resist?

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