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stay plugged in while on the go

There you are, at the beach, or on top of that mountain, and it’s the perfect photo op. The sun is just right, the light is gorgeous. It’s beautiful, so you reach for your cell to snap the shot and… you’re out of battery. OK, we’ll admit that’s a slightly romanticized version of reality, but the fact is, we’ve all had those moments when we wanted or needed our phone, and it was near dead with nary a power source in sight.

What can you do?

Aside from buying extra batteries, an expensive and non-renewable option, we’ve got two options. They’re both incredible useful, ultimately portable, and best of all, absolutely renewable.

Let the sun shine in

That’s right, you can go solar. Portable solar power is here today, and it’s surprisingly easy. If you’ve got sunlight, you’ve got the ability to charge your gadgets and gear. Portable solar options are best for those who are primarily outdoors, and who will be stationery long enough to charge their devices. Ideal for on a boat, at the campsite, or anytime you’ll be sitting still.

The power of you

If you’re not the type to stand still, or you need portable power when you’re on the go, why not harness the power of your own movements? Capture and store your own kinetic energy to charge your electronics. This solution works best for those who are on the move, or who don’t have a regular, sunny spot in which to place a solar charger. These super-portable chargers go with you anywhere and make keeping your electronics charged up easy, and fun.

So there you have it, two very different ways to keep plugged in when you’re nowhere near a plug. Which one is right for you and your lifestyle? Only you can answer that! Maybe the answer is both, it just depends on what you’re doing that weekend.

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