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So, you want to freshen up your home but you’re not quite ready for a full re-do. You want a quick new look, right now. Something different. Something fast. OK, we can do that! A fresh face in the home doesn’t have to include an entire home makeover. Sometimes a quick fix is all it takes to have a bright new outlook. Ready for a whirlwind of some fast, easy ideas to give your home a quick facelift?

  • Turn out the lights at dinner. Reach for the matches instead of the light switch and dine by candlelight.
  • Add some scent. Whether scented candles, potpourri or the unmistakable smell of baking cookies, there’s nothing like a pleasant scent to make your home welcoming.
  • Paint your baseboards a contrasting color. Kind of like putting on eyeliner, it just makes your wall pop. Bonus: it will show fewer scuffs.
  • Rearrange your furniture. A simple change of perspective can make a room feel completely different.
  • Add some drama with black lampshades. The simple change will create pools of light in your space.
  • Get seasonal and fill a wooden bowl with some late summer and early fall produce like apples, pears and walnuts.
  • As the nights get cooler, put away the lightweight blankets and bring out the cozy, fuzzy throws and heavier quilts.
  • Rotate your accessories. Move things around – try your bedroom pillows on your couch, and vice versa, or swap out shelf décor from room to room for a fresh look.
  • Don’t want to redo your whole bedroom? How about just the bed? New bedding can transform a tired bedroom into a brand new space.
  • Start a windowsill garden of small plants and terraria and line them up in a pretty window. Stick with easy-care things like air-plants, succulents and terrarium plants for a no-fuss look.
  • Reorganize your shelves. Group collectibles together to make a bigger statement and give your bookshelves a designer makeover.
  • Clean, and we mean really, really clean, your house. Give your place a thorough cleaning right down to wiping the light bulbs in your lamps. Everything will look better, and we bet you wind up doing a little organizing and tweaking as you go.
  • Clear out clutter. Take those old magazines to the recycling center, gather up the candlesticks that have migrated around and put them in a group on a shelf. Gather up anything that is creating clutter and either find a new, clutter-free use for it, or remove it from your space.
  • Add flowers. Nothing brightens a room quite like fresh flowers. Go for one big arrangement, or put individual flowers in small vases and group them together.
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