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You’ve spent years personalizing your home, making it the perfect space for you and your family. If you’re putting your home on the market, you know you need to do a little depersonalizing  to create a space with broad appeal. Here are ten tips for quick, easy updates to the perfectly staged home.

  1. Keep things light and neutral
    You may love your bold accent walls and vibrant paint colors, but a more neutral palette has broader appeal. Stick to bright colors that reflect a lot of light to create the more open, airy space, and the feeling of a blank canvas.
  2. Create conversation areas
    Set up your furniture to create natural conversation areas—think hotel lobby. The look is classic and inviting, exactly what you want when trying to sell your home.
  3. Ditch dated draperies
    If your drapes are outdated, or even if they’re very personal, heavy, or anything other than neutral, you’re better off with bare windows that let in the light. If you just can’t do without drapes—maybe there’s an awful view—hang inexpensive panels
  4. Mirrors in every room
    Mirrors reflect light and make spaces seem bigger, plus they sparkle. Add at least one mirror to every room to capitalize on the sparkly effect.
  5. Scale your artwork
    Whatever your normal display is, when trying to sell your home, consider rearranging your artwork. Scale pieces to the size of the open wall space, and hang them so they’re centered at eye level. Whose eye level? Consider the average person and go there.
  6. Light it right
    Make sure your spaces are well lit—natural light is a big bonus, but artificial is required at night, and sometimes in the day. Ambient light creates an overall mood, task lighting is for work spaces and accent lighting calls attention to decorative items like artwork or bookshelves. Use all three!
  7. Area rugs
    Anchor your furniture groupings with area rugs to add to the warm, inviting feel of your home. They’re terrific ways to help define spaces in an open environment, or bring in color that isn’t overwhelming to a potential buyer—they know the area rug is leaving with you and they won’t have to paint over it, or recarpet.
  8. Declutter
    Keep things neat and tidy and get rid of the normal clutter of day-to-day life. Get a temporary storage unit if you need to. Having clean, open closets is attractive to buyers.
  9. Illusion of height
    If you have low ceilings, create the illusion of height with the right paint job (light and bright) and by hanging floor-length panel curtains all the way to the ceiling. It’s a visual trick that will elongate the room.
  10. Update the little things
    Switch plate covers, ceiling light fixtures, drawer pulls, all those little things that are usually either very dated, or very personal—take a good look at them. Are they in good shape? Are they neutral enough for a buyer? Or should you replace or refinish them to create a more modern, neutral space?
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