ready for the holidays?
10 tips to keep it stylish and sustainable


Halloween is almost here and that means the holidays are right around the corner! Bringing all those decorations out of storage should be fun and exciting, not cause for fright! Take the spooky out of your pre-holiday décor prep with our ten easy tips for cool, sustainable holiday décor.

  1. Easy does it color
    Sure, we all love the traditional colors, from black and orange to red and green, but you don’t have to deck the halls with only those shades. Instead of being a slave to tradition, tweak your tones to suit your usual décor. Is your whole house gray and cream? Try blue and silver for Christmas instead. Think outside the box and don’t get stuck in the same-old routine.
  2. Decorate for all the senses
    Ask someone about holiday memories, and we’re pretty sure they’ll mention at least one scent. Whether it’s bread, cookies, cinnamon, pumpkin pie, spices, or pine, our sense of smell is right up there on the nostalgia chart. If you aren’t in the kitchen baking, find some great, holiday-scented candles to freshen your home and lend that holiday air.
  3. Light it up
    No matter how festive your décor, it just doesn’t feel like the holidays without some sparkle. Make sure to add plenty with lots of candles and string lights. If you haven’t already done it, swap out your bulbs for dimmable LEDs and set the tone for a terrific holiday.
  4. Show a little restraint
    Unless you just moved into a bigger place, chances are you have way more holiday décor than you can really use. Editing is your friend. Look at your holiday décor the same way you look at everything else in your home. What works, what doesn’t, and what makes the space feel better? There’s no need to overdose on the festive.
  5. A little more editing
    Sometimes layering is a good thing, and other times, not so much. Make sure your holiday décor adds to your existing style. If it doesn’t, try removing your usual décor and putting it away for the duration of the holiday. That way, your special occasions can really shine.
  6. Watch the mushy factor
    Tempting though it may be to display all of Junior’s holiday artwork, restrain yourself just a bit. You can honor your child’s creative side with a carefully curated, strategic display that lets them pick their favorite creations and lets the rest of your home look like grownups live there. Your kids will appreciate the restraint as they reach their tween and teen years!
  7. Minimalism is not a bad thing
    If you enjoy going over-the-top for the holidays, don’t let us stop you. But if it’s not your thing, we’re here to say that simple, restrained decorations are just as beautiful, just as meaningful and just as festive as all the blinking lights and inflatable sleighs you can imagine. Stick with what works for you, and if that means a simple wreath on the door, a candle in each window and a couple of pots of poinsettia, then enjoy it!
  8. Avoid the rut
    We love tradition, but the same thing year after year can get boring. This is where the editing comes in again. You can swap out your décor a bit each year to add new life and interest to your holiday displays. Change it up a bit, and add something new every now and then for a fresh look.
  9. Don’t forget the table
    Yeah, we know, once the food goes down, there’s just no room. But you’ve got this big expanse of flat surface just crying out to be decorated! If you prefer things simple, try a stunning centerpiece on a holiday runner. Like to have a bit more? Go all out with table linens, place settings and seasonal decorations that make you want to celebrate.
  10. Take it down in time
    The best part about holiday décor is that it feels special and different. After the holidays, pack it all up and put it away for next year. Well, except maybe a few things… because we know a few tricks for making some holiday décor work all year ‘round.
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