are you ready for spring…
time to get organized

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. Spring is the perfect time to clear out and organize everything from home to office. No groaning allowed, we’re not talking about an all-out marathon of cleaning to a level you’ve never cleaned to before. Nope. We’re talking about keeping it fun, and most of all stylish and sustainable. We’re talking about streamlining things to make every day living easier, and better.

Assess the situation

No matter how organized and tidy we may be naturally, life is busy and things pile up, or get outdated. Take a moment to honestly assess your office space—does it just need a quick refresh? Or do you need to really go through that file-pile in the corner? Figure out where your organizational system is working, and where it isn’t, then look for solutions to the problem spots.

Clear out old stuff

While you’re organizing, take time to get rid of old papers, and old digital files you no longer use or need. Archive what you need to, file the current stuff, and get rid of the rest. That means take a look at your digital desktop as well—is it cluttered with icons? Clean those up, your desktop will look cleaner and more attractive, plus it will save you time to have everything organized (in most computer systems, stuff on the desktop can slow down the performance as well).

Supply yourself

What do you need to work more efficiently and keep things organized? Do you fumble to find a business card in your briefcase? Get a stylish card holder. Need to protect that iPad that tends to get tossed into your bag? Slip it into a recycled leather iPad sleeve first—it’s fast and easy. Desk always a mess? Invest in some simple desk organization tools.

Daily vs. seldom

It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget—things you use every day should be close at hand while seldom used items can, and should, be tucked away. Try tucking those seldom used supplies into a desk drawer or decorative box or basket. Use a wall board to keep track of important things like your calendar, upcoming tickets and other bits of paper—just be sure to clear it off regularly!

Slow down

Life is busy, it’s easy to just toss something on the desk for “later”. The trouble is, all those “laters” pile up. Slow down a bit, find a system that works for you and the way you live and work. Spending just a few moments every day, or every week, to tackle those little tasks will keep things running smoothly and save you time in the long run.

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time to get organized

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