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tin ceilings transformed

antique tin ceiling mirrors

Captivating old buildings—there’s nothing quite like them. From bold architecture to intricate detail, an old building personifies the expression, “if these walls could talk.” Across the country, a movement is underway to actively salvage these grand old beauties to preserve the landscape and perpetuate a unique and glorious history.

Whether public space or someone’s former home, remarkable treasures are embedded within. This is where bambeco comes in. Partnering with salvagers, we leverage our unmatched expertise to reclaim and repurpose pieces of history with full intention of bringing new life and an authentic sense of story to your home.

This is what repurposing is all about. Finding something that has lived its life, fulfilled its original purpose, and now appears to have completed its lifecycle.  But we know better. We understand and perfect the process of bringing new purpose, new life, and new memories to historical treasures​. All it takes is a little creativity.

In those scraps of salvaged pieces, artisans find inspiration by honoring the past. The results are breathtaking works of art. Reflections of the past, capturing memories of days gone by while looking forward to a bright future.

Today’s treasure? Tin ceilings.

antique tin ceiling mirrorA uniquely American invention, common from the late 19th century into the early 20th. Tin ceilings were affordable alternatives to molded plaster. They were billed as being cleaner, safer, longer lasting, and easier care as well.

From the parlors of private homes to the grand spaces of theaters, and even government buildings, courthouses, and city gathering spots, these decorative panels witnessed life. Glittering parties, grand dances, important meetings, perhaps even a scandal or two, all happened under these panels.

Today, they’ve been lovingly repurposed into something new.

These amazing pieces take on new life as stunning frames for mirrors—a perfect partnership of old and new. Looking back and honoring the past, reflecting on a sustainable future.

Just like in the past, they make a bold statement. Each piece is as unique as you are, and each piece has a lifetime of stories to tell. As well as a lifetime of stories yet to witness.

Capture the magic of the past in a bold new reflection.

Ideal for hanging in the entry, or making a statement in any room.

antique tin ceiling mirror

(Part 1 of a two part blog – come back later in the week for Part 2 to learn about how to hang and decorate with these stunning pieces!)

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