romance your décor…

Romance isn’t just for lovers, and it shouldn’t be reserved for Valentine’s Day! Creating a romantic environment in your home makes the space feel softer, warmer, more inviting—for you and your guests. Romance isn’t all about frills and ruffles, either. It is about being comfortable and soothing, and creating a home that embraces your senses. Romance transcends decorating styles—even a minimalistic home can feel romantic with the right touches.

  • Start by reducing clutter. Everyone’s tolerance for clutter is different, but a welcoming, romantic home should make people want to sit down and spend time there. Reducing clutter increases relaxation.
  • Create a cozy environment, from your sofa to your bedding. Soft pillows, cozy throws, and sumptuous bedding all invite you to linger. Don’t give up those throws in warmer months, just switch to lighter weight materials.
  • Infuse your home with welcoming aromas. Sure, you could bake some cookies, or a loaf of bread, but the easier way is to light a scented candle. Fresh flowers from your yard or farmer’s market add both visual appeal and a pretty scent.
  • Dim those lights a bit. We don’t mean live in the dark, but use task lighting where you need bright light, and stick with softer, more attractive lighting everywhere else. Layer your lighting so you can control it based on need. And nothing is more romantic, or flattering, than candlelight.
  • Soft colors feel more inviting than intense primary ones. We love bright colors, but use them sparingly if your goal is a romantic home. Opt for more muted shades, or vivid pastels as pops of color instead.
  • Don’t forget the music. Create a playlist of music that makes you feel good, or create several. Pop your smartphone into a natural amplifier and you’ve got take-along tunes that will work in any room—cord free.
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