romantic decor for any style…
eight easy tips

Romance never goes out of style. Think “romantic” décor, however, and most people conjure up images of fussy floral fabrics, Queen Anne stylings, and lots of velvet and lace. That may be the classic, but the reality is, romantic style is personal. It’s about the heart, and a sense of warmth. It’s life seen through the eyes of an idealist—softening and blurring the lines of reality. It’s about the senses, comfort, and luxury. And yes, we believe it can be about sustainability as well, because nothing touches our hearts more than being good to the earth. How can you achieve a romantic look, no matter what your personal style?

  1. Think softness and comfort—pillows of rich, textured fabrics, bedding that feels silky smooth against your skin, throws that beg for cuddle time.
  2. Choose colors that flatter skin tones. You select clothing that flatters, so why not your walls and furniture as well? Choose soft, neutral shades, or those that give off a peachy hue to create a romantic, glowing atmosphere.
  3. Layer your lighting. Get rid of those harsh old-style fluorescent things and opt for softer light from tinted CFLs or LEDs. Use dimmer switches with LEDs for truly controllable lighting.
  4. Add candlelight. Candles add dimension and sparkle to every room. Add them everywhere you can to create a more romantic atmosphere.
  5. Add flowers and plants. Growing greenery is always a wonderful thing, and adding flowers—with their color and heady scents—ups the romance level in any space.
  6. Invest in nice glassware, and use it. It’s amazing how the simple presence of a nice wine glass at dinner can make the occasion feel even more special.
  7. Add personal touches and vintage accents for a little more sparkle and shine. A framed family photo, vintage bottles, or pretty mirrors are the easiest choices. Make sure to include candles in front of  those mirrors!
  8. Declutter your spaces. We say it a lot, but nothing kills romance quite like clutter.
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