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creating an ocean-inspired retreat


Channel the serenity of the ocean with charming beach house inspired décor, no matter whether you live seaside, or miles away from the nearest water. When it comes to the beachy style, there are many different ways to go. We’ve gone beach house boho; you can also go clean and elegant (take a look at the movie Something’s Got to Give for an amazingly decorated elegant Hamptons home), you can go the nautical route, the tropical route, or you can embrace the classic beach house style.

The classic beach cottage look is an easy mixture of relaxed and refined, where the traditional walks hand-in-hand with the downright funky, and looks great doing it. The hallmarks of the look are crisp, pale wall colors, white wash, lots of texture, lots of light and colors in the blue, green, beige and gray scale with splashes of brighter colors – usually corals or reds, but yellows also work. The idea is to evoke a walk on the beach or a sunset sail. Typical accessories are shells, maps, nets, rope and weathered woods. Cozy throws are appropriate all year long, since even a balmy summer day can turn into a breezy night.

The beach cottage look is a world of contrast and textures. Smooth wood floors are topped with a nubby seagrass rug. Rustic wood elements and found items nestle together with polished metal. The look is inviting, welcoming and ultimately relaxed.

The look doesn’t have to be nautical. If you’re not inclined to incorporate rope and sailing elements into your décor, you can still embrace the siren song of the sea with a few beach-inspired accessories. Try a slip cover on your upholstered furniture to soften things up and add to that beach house vibe. Take a look at your favorite shore for color inspiration and bring those tones into your room. Swap out those heavy accessories and the land-locked look for something a little breezier and get ready to enjoy a day on the shore – without ever leaving home.

Cozy organic cotton throws are ideal for year-round comfort. Take a step outside the artful couch toss and fold or roll up several and store them in a convenient basket.

A perfect spot to stash baskets. Made from reclaimed wood, these boxes with their slightly rustic paint are perfect beachy accents.

Thar she blows! A beach house just doesn’t feel right without at least one whimsical item. Reclaimed industrial steel drums make amazing whales.

Tell time in style. Reclaimed rubber wood with gently weathered looking paint in cool shades of blue is just right for your beach cottage.

Keep up the coastal theme with weathered-looking photo frames perfect for showcasing you favorite seaside pictures.

Hurricane lanterns are a must-have for beach décor. Choose one from recycled glass and fill it with stones or shells for a perfect look.

At the end of the day, sit back in relaxed comfort with simple natural ceramic mugs – perfect for a cup of tea while watching the moon on the water.


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