seasonal sights and sounds…
decorating for all five senses


It’s time to start thinking about holiday décor! The weather’s getting cooler and visions of sugar plums are soon to be dancing through children’s heads. That means lots of entertaining. When it comes time to decorate for the holidays, take your décor to the next level by engaging all five senses to get your guests, and you, in a festive mood. 

Sight – the eyes have it. Brighten your holiday home with delightful color, lots of visual contrast and celebrate your individual style. Think of your home as a giant art project designed to bring joy to you and yours. Twinkling lights, candles, bright ribbons and bows and colorful packages all play a part. Take your décor past the tree and mantle and decorate window sills, bookshelves and stair rails as well.

Scent – fragrance is powerful, it can change our mood and make us feel right at home. Embrace the holidays with scents meant to bring up happy memories – baking smells like cinnamon and apple, or evoke holiday trees and garlands with the scent of cypress. Using scented soy or beeswax candles instead of potpourri gives the added bonus of some sparkly lights. Of course, there is nothing like the smell of fresh pine!

Sound – capture the essence of the season with festive music, or gently chiming bells. Whether you like classical Christmas music, old-time carols or something more modern, fill your home with sounds that say “holiday” to you.

Taste – it’s the holidays, yummy things to eat are expected! Forget the diet food and indulge. Find ways to create organic versions of the classics you love and give your guests a taste of something spectacular. Food is a journey in nostalgia, so play it up with modern twists on holiday must-haves.

Touch – make your home comfy and cozy with soft pillows and toasty throws. Use different textures to create both visual and tactile interest. A rustic wooden tray holding shiny, glass ornaments, or soft, velvety ribbon tied up around a rough-hewn pile of logs ready for the fire. Pair a nubby throw with a crisp linen-covered pillow.

Don’t stop thinking of the five senses when the holidays are over. Keep them in mind to make your home feel warm and inviting all year long.

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