serene sleep, part 2…
inviting the zzzz’s

Bedroom oasis

Ah, the bedroom, it’s the sanctuary of our home. Last week, we tackled the bed and general furniture arrangement to help create a soothing space for serene sleep. Once your space says “take it easy” there are a few steps you can take to enhance the soothing atmosphere for some serious zen-inspired zzz’s.

  • Make your bedroom a place of beauty. You’ve arranged the furniture, you’ve made the bed, and selected a color palette that pleases you. Make sure to incorporate a few items that you find beautiful. Whether it’s simple floral arrangement, a favorite photo, or a collection of antique candlesticks, make sure your personal space feeds your soul.
  • Turn off and unplug. Ideally, your bedroom should be a tech-free zone. Charge your phone elsewhere, skip the TV if you can (and if you can’t, limit your viewing while in bed). Consider a brief pre-bed meditation to be present in the here and the now, leaving the office and everything else outside of your bedroom.
  • Keep it simple,  keep it clean and keep it neat. A messy space tends to create stress. Make your bed, it’s an instant mood booster. Keep bedroom clutter to a minimum and come up with storage solutions for life’s little messes like laundry and day-to-day necessities.
  • Nix the noise. Do you need absolute silence? Or do you rest at ease to the sound of crashing waves? Determine what works for you and make it happen. Take steps to reduce ambient noise in your home, and invest in earplugs or a white noise machine.
  • Make sure your bedroom is comfortable. Invest in quality, organic cotton sheets, opt for a non-toxic mattress, find an organic pillow that you love. Your bed should be a place you want to be, and where you are at your most comfortable.
  • Open the windows, even if it’s the dead of winter. Get some fresh air in your room on a daily basis. Nature is like a magic tonic that makes the cares of the world recede.
  • Keep a carafe of water to stay hydrated and install dimmers on your bedside lights. Make sure your lighting is pleasant and task oriented. There is no need to light up the whole room for a little reading in your favorite chair. And when it comes to lights out, go as dark as you can. Consider black-out shades if possible.
  • Turn down the thermostat. Lowering the temperature just before bed signals your body that it’s time for sleep. In a cool, dark room, your body clock will respond by seeking rest.
  • Schedule downtime to decompress and unwind. We are creatures of habit and we like rituals. Create a bedtime routine that helps signal your brain and body that it’s time to stop. That could be a meditation, a bath, a soothing candle or anything that relaxes you. Set a technology curfew before bed to give your body time off.
  • Create a space for reflection. Write in a journal as a way to rid your mind of the cares of the day. Focus on the positive and create a hopeful sense for the future.
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