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It’s no secret that color can impact your mood. When it comes to home décor, choosing the right colors for your rooms can be a challenge. Though it seems easy, just pick colors you love, or take your color inspiration from an item, fabric, or piece of art you love. But that doesn’t always work. The pros go about it a different way—what mood do you want to create in the space? How will the room be used? Those answers help them focus on the best colors to choose for each space.

Think about it, if you’re trying to create the relaxed, serene feel of a rustic mountain cabin, you’re going to choose earthy colors that make you think forest and lake. You aren’t likely to use vivid shades of yellow and orange, they just don’t set the right mood. While every person is different, one person’s “soothing” color may mean “boring” to another, the classic interpretations are a good place to start.

Black—powerful, dramatic, elegant,  but simple. Black may be too dark for some spaces, but with the right décor and plenty of light, it can be a terrific choice. Ideal for offices and living rooms where you want a very dramatic feel. Or set your table with black glassware for serious drama.

White—from minimalist to cottage chic, white is versatile. To some, it can read boring, while to others it’s energizing. White is clean and simple, and go from elegant to shabby chic. White works throughout the house, just make sure there’s lots of light to keep it from looking dingy.

Brown—the ultimate in earthy, brown is warm and can be elegant or homey, depending on how you accessorize. Brown is a classic masculine color, powerful, yet comforting. Brown is wonderful in family and living rooms, or bedrooms. It might be a little dark for the kitchen.

Pink—it’s tough to avoid looking girly when you use pink. But, choose the right shade and accessories and pink can go all out glam. There’s no avoiding it’s uber-feminine feel though. Pink is classic in a girl’s room, or try going pink in a powder room.

Blue—with so many shades varying from cool misty blues to rich cobalt and deep navy, blue can be whatever you want it to be. Which may be why it’s such a popular décor color. The classic boy’s room color, the right shade of blue can work in any room, but is especially good in bedrooms and bedding.

Purple—go ahead, embrace it. Even in its palest forms, purple conveys a sense of rich luxury and mystery. For a contemporary take, combine it with gray. Because of its association with passion and romance, purple is especially good in the bedroom.

Green—like blue, there are many shades of green that can range from calming to invigorating. Green works best as an accent color, though deep forest looks great in the den or library. Green glass accents add a vintage feel to any space, and earthy green pillows can be cozy and comforting.

Red—there is nothing shy about red. It’s passionate, vibrant and whether you’ve gone for a rich red throw or vibrant red glassware. Make sure you’re ready for the heat. Try red as an accent color in the dining room, or to jazz up your entry.

Orange—this is a very polarizing color, you either love it or hate it. Warm, vibrant and comforting, orange should be a very popular choice, but like red, it can be very intense. Orange works best in social spaces like the living room, dining room and kitchen. It’s also ideal in small pops of color on throw pillows.

Yellow—cheerful and eye catching, nothing says “good morning” quite like yellow. Which explains its popularity in the kitchen. If you want to tone it down a bit, stick with buttery shades, but if you’re ready to turn up the wattage, go ahead and pour on the sunshine.

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