shake it up baby…
reach for that cocktail shaker!

Shake it up baby! James Bond had it right, he always asked for his martinis “shaken, not stirred.” After decades in the dark, the shaken cocktail is back in business, and it’s gotten a sustainable makeover as well. Today’s cocktails are often carefully-crafted masterpieces, designed by expert mixologists.

But you don’t have to go to bartending school to shake up something fabulous at home. Stock your bar with selections of organic, or locally-produced ingredients and check out the bottom of this post for some of our cocktail posts for recipes to inspire—whether you like a classic cocktail, or something a little different.

Don’t forget the key ingredient for a shaken cocktail—the cocktail shaker. You can get a great deal on our recycled stainless steel classic cocktail shaker right now, use code SHAKEITUP at checkout to get it for just $12!

And since we’re all about reusing and repurposing things, we’ve come up with some ideas for how to use that shaker when it’s not busy with the drinks.

Food uses:

  1. Egg separator—gently crack your eggs into the shaker, replace the lid and tip. Only the whites will come out. Perfect.
  2. Egg scrambler—instead of straining those eggs, cover the lid and give them a vigorous shake. You’ll have a perfect scramble.
  3. Garlic peeler—drop your cloves into a clean shaker, put on the lid and shake vigorously. The peels will pop right off. Easy!
  4. Powdered sugar shaker—perfect for dusting cookies, cakes, or French toast.
  5. Popcorn seasoning sprinkler—get ready for movie night, pop some popcorn and load the shaker up with your favorite seasoning.
  6. Parmesan cheese shaker—go ahead and pour on the cheese. Your shaker can do double duty when it comes to pizza and pasta.
  7. Flour shaker to dust baking pans—got some baking to do? Dust flour (or cocoa powder) into those cake pans with no muss or fuss.
  8. Shake up an iced drink—coffee, tea, or chocolate milk, just pour your ingredients in and give it a good shake for an extra frothy treat. Yum!
  9. Pour on the chocolate—perfect for pouring on chocolate sauce or drizzling a thin icing over cookies or cakes.
  10. Shake up a smoothie—yogurt and frozen fruit juice or puree will come together in a snap. Just remove the strainer to pour.
  11. The perfect salad—shake up a homemade salad dressing to pour over your greens. You can also use the shaker to serve thin sauces. 


  1. Unique bud vase—slim stems sit just right in the tiny holes and make for a delightfully different floral display.
  2. Bathtime—a cocktail shaker can easily dispense small bath salts for a relaxing bath.
  3. Glitter shaker—go ahead, go for the glitter. What better way to keep craft glitter corralled?

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reach for that cocktail shaker!

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