Did you know you spend about 333 months of your life sleeping?  In fact, it is likely that you spend less time in other health-related activities like running, working out or walking your dog. For more reasons then you are probably aware, this one-third of your life matters to your body…in a big way.

Optimal health is not only dependent upon the quality of rest, but the content in materials on which you lay your head. That’s why bambeco’s sustainably chic bed collections are not only designed to be good for the planet…but also exceptionally good for you.

Luxurious to the touch and organic to the core, this dreamy, sustainably chic bedding is designed to ensure you enjoy the healthiest sleep possible.


From sheeting to blankets, bambeco’s Healthy Bed Collection is fabricated with the highest quality materials, processed with the purity and care essential for the most intimate part of your home using:

GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON: GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers. To achieve GOTS certification and call itself organic, the product must contain at least 90% organic materials—this bedding is 100% organic.

NONTOXIC PROCESSES: In addition, everything used in the manufacturing process are nontoxic—from washing detergents to dyes and processing solutions—all meets strict standards for toxicity, to people and planet. Even manufacturing plants utilize a wastewater recovery system, ensuring little to no wastewater enters the environmental stream.


Sink into 400 thread count luxury and rest easy knowing your sanctuary is as healthy as it is breathtaking.

When it comes to sleep, organic matters.

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