sleep toasty and warm…
the fabulousness of flannel

During the chilly winter months, there’s nothing quite like slipping into a bed freshly made with cozy, organic flannel sheets. They’re soft and warm and somehow feel luxurious and homey all at the same time. So, what is flannel and why is it so cool?

Flannel is a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric typically made from cotton. It is brushed on both sides to raise the fibers, creating a supple, fuzzy surface and an extremely soft feel. If you look closely, the fuzzy hairs of the cotton resemble mist rising off a pond in the early morning. These fuzzy hairs are what make flannel so cozy.

Are flannel sheets right for you? They might be if:

  • You feel cold at night or want to turn down the thermostat
  • You want to feel extra cozy and warm
  • Being enveloped in soft, thick flannel brings you sweet dreams.

Originally made from wool, flannel has been around since the 1600s, but got its cotton makeover in the early 20th century. Using flannel sheets increases the insulation factor of your bedding. All those little fuzzies help trap air and create a layer of warmth around you. In warmer climates, a flannel sheet can serve as a lightweight blanket to keep you comfortable without anything heavy or bulky.

Since you’ll stay toasty warm in your flannel sheets, you can turn the thermostat down even more, saving you money on your heating bills, plus doing even more to save energy.

You can wash your flannel sheets the same way you wash any bedding, but we do recommend using lukewarm or cool (not hot) water and line drying. You’ll want to use a mild, nontoxic soap or detergent as well, and use as little as possible so there’s no leftover soap residue in your sheets. If you line dry your sheets and find they’re too stiff, you can try reducing the amount of soap/detergent you use (sometimes that stiffness is due in part to soap residue). You can also toss them in the dryer for a minute to “fluff” and soften them, and some suggest that you can give your sheets a vigorous shake out while drying to help reduce the stiffness.


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