small is beautiful…
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small is beautiful

Whether you’ve embraced the tiny home trend, or simply have a room whose dimensions are less than king-sized, there are plenty of tips and tricks out there to making rooms feel bigger than they are. Cramped quarters shouldn’t cramp your style. We’ve got eight easy tricks that mostly rely on a little illusion to make even the smallest spaces feel grand.

  1. Start by keeping it simple. Lots of small furniture, extra clutter and little things will make a room feel smaller than it is. Clear out your space, and select furniture that’s simple and large-scale for the room. Make sure there’s enough seating and space around it to move, the add shelves and wall décor to show off trinkets, books and knick-knacks.
  2. Take it easy on the pillows. Yes, you want a few, they make a couch feel more welcoming, cushion a hard chair or bench and can transform any hard surface into extra seating. But don’t pile up so many that guests have to hunt for seats. You want pillows that fit easily behind your back, or that are large enough to sit on when on the floor.
  3. Get a little gauzy around the windows. Go light on your window treatments and opt for sheer fabrics that not only allow in more natural light, but that also have some flow to them. More light will make a room feel brighter and bigger, and the wispy fabrics help soften hard lines, making the space feel less restrictive.
  4. A little reflection is a good thing. A classic illusion – placing mirrors around the room helps make the space feel larger. Try placing mirrors opposite windows to reflect more light, or placing large mirrors in dark corners, behind the sofa, or over a table.
  5. Skip the small rug and opt for something with scale. A large area rug fools the eye into thinking the room is grander than it is, so go ahead and size up.
  6. Add an accent behind your bed. If your bedroom isn’t king-sized, try painting a wide vertical stripe on the wall behind your bed – it should be as wide as the bed and mimic the primary colors in your bedding to create the illusion of a continuous line.
  7. Got sloped walls? Open the space up by painting the ceiling and sloped wall in a light, creamy color and going darker on the other walls.
  8. If you’ve got low ceilings, like in an attic space, elevated loft, or basement, make things more inviting by using low-slung, wide furniture that invites sprawling.
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