solar magic…
light up the night

Like fireflies flickering on a summer night…at your next outdoor gathering, give the moon some competition and set your yard aglow.

If the idea of outdoor solar lighting brings up images of the practical, but plain, it’s time for a new look. Solar lighting has gone gorgeous, decorating your spaces day and night.

Solar TerrariumWhen the sun’s up, these lanterns add bits of color and interest to your outdoors—whether gently swaying in the branches of a tree or gracing your favorite al fresco table setting. But when the sun goes down…that’s when the magic comes out as your yard comes alive with a subtle glow. Simply breathtaking.

You set them up to collect sun during the day; they’ll take care of setting the mood after sundown.

Welcome to the night…powered by the sun.


How do solar lights work?

Solar lanterns work on the same principles as any solar light or power system—only in miniature. Individual lanterns have a solar collector on the lantern itself; string lights have a collector attached to the set. The solar collector, or solar cell, gathers the sun’s energy during the day and stores it in a rechargeable battery. Once the sun goes down, a photoresistor detects the lack of light and turns the LEDs on. The solar cells need direct sunlight to get a full charge, and they will perform best at night in darker areas without a lot of ambient light. The fuller the daytime charge, the longer the lights will run at night.

How do I decorate with solar lights?

You’re only limited by your imagination! String lights look amazing hung in the branches of trees, along the eaves or railings, or even along the edge of an umbrella. Single lanterns can be sprinkled throughout your outdoor spaces to light the way, or create atmosphere. Use clusters of lanterns to accent seating areas, create a centerpiece, or light up a dark spot on your deck. The energy-efficient LEDs produce no heat, so they’re safe to use anywhere, even nestled in plants and on furniture. Think of them as a little nighttime magic for your outdoors.


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