spring pet prep…
taking it outside


April showers bring mud puddles, are you and your pet ready? Spring means Easter celebrations, spring cleaning, home improvement projects and more time outside.

Easter treats

Make sure to keep your Easter lilies and chocolate bunnies away from Fido and Fluffy. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats (and ferrets), and lilies can be fatal if ingested. If there’s plastic grass around, keep it away from curious puppies and kittens who may want to nibble on it.

Check your screens

Warmer weather means open windows. Make sure your cat (and small dogs) stay safe, and inside, by ensuring your screens are snug and sturdy.

Getting clean

All those chemicals in traditional cleaners isn’t very good for you, or your furry friends. Make the switch to healthier cleaning products, you’ll feel better about your impact on the environment, and your pet will thank you.

Home improvement

Even low- or no-VOC paint can be dangerous to pets. Keep your pet safely away from areas of renovation and make sure you clean up completely – don’t miss any nails, staples, insulation or other not so pet-friendly items.

Fur friendly gardening

Need another reason to avoid fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides? They’re potentially dangerous to your pet. Use natural options when possible and keep your furry friend away from recently treated areas when you can’t go the natural route. While you’re at it, make sure any pet-toxic plants are in non-accessible spots.

Getting outside

Warm weather means trips to the park, longer walks and more chances to be outside. Keep your pet close at hand and stylish with a sustainably-made collar and leash.

Coming back inside

Spring is often wet, and we don’t know too many dogs who don’t love a good mud puddle. Keep the outdoors where it belongs, and your indoors clean and neat with a natural coir welcome mat.

Rest and play

Keep your pet comfy at home as the weather warms up with cozy new hemp bed stuffed with recycled fibers. Then make sure your pet stays occupied inside with a cool, sustainable toy.

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