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the wonderful world of olive oil


Olive oil, it’s long been the darling child of the kitchen, and for good reason. This heart-healthy oil is not only delicious, it’s a good-for-you fat as well. Good quality, organic olive oil should be a staple in every sustainable kitchen. Why? Sustainably-managed olive groves are preserving generations-old farming techniques, and encouraging more and more industries to switch to organic growing methods. Besides, nothing beats the flavor of well-crafted, organic, extra-virgin olive oil.

Of course, you can cook with olive oil, though most cooks save the really good oils for times when the flavor is really going to shine through. From pasta tossed with olive oil, to a convenient dip for bread, and the simplest dressing for a salad, good quality oil is a gourmet treat. Find out how to choose a quality olive oil.

Just imagine a salad full of fresh vegetable from the local farmer’s market. A drizzle of good olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and fresh-ground pepper and you’ve got lunch. Pour a little fiery, chili infused oil into an olive wood dipping dish and serve it with a crusty bread for a delightful treat. Dress fresh, raw kale with a bright lemon infused olive oil for a simple, and delicious salad, serve it up in a family-sized mango wood salad bowl. Brush veggies with mandarin orange infused oil before grilling or broiling for a surprising citrus finish. Of course, you can enjoy the simplicity of pure, unflavored olive oil as well. The rich, fruity flavors of a quality oil will enhance almost any dish, it’s the perfect thing to brush on grilled pizza.

You don’t have to be a gourmet cook to make olive oil work for you. Americans have embraced the simple appetizer of crusty bread dipped in seasoned olive oil, and tossing fresh greens with quality oils couldn’t be easier.

As the weather warms up and we shake off winter’s chill, it’s time to reach for more farm-fresh veggies. Why not drizzle them with some olive oil as well?

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