summer lovin’…
8 easy tips to outdoor living


The first official day of summer is almost here, if you haven’t perked up your patio yet, it’s time to get busy! ‘Tis the season for summer grilling, outdoor parties, and al fresco fiestas. Sweep off all the pollen, clean off the furniture, fix what needs fixing, and get ready for some fun in the sun and shade. The lazy days of summer are upon us, enjoy!

  • Need a quick and easy way to freshen your outdoor space? Try repetition. Keep it simple with evenly spaced matching planters or lanterns for a fresh, clean modern look.
  • Treat your outdoor space like a room. Decorate and arrange the space just as you would an indoor room. Use an outdoor rug to anchor seating areas and add cushions to your seating for added comfort.
  • Carve a pathway to your party with well-placed stepping-stones or gravel and some solar lighting. A pretty path looks good day and night, and if you edge it with your favorite kitchen herbs, it’s not just pretty, it’s practical.
  • Think creative reuse – got an old bike wheel? Why not use it as a trellis for your climbing vines? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
  • Light up the night with candles and solar lanterns. Set the mood, make your space inviting, and make it possible to see what’s going on, with plenty of pretty lights.
  • Invite some special guests – the local wildlife. Hang a pretty bird feeder to attract local songbirds. Don’t forget the hummingbirds in your area!
  • Got a special event? Go ahead and put some cut flowers in a vase. Bonus points if the flowers are cut from your own garden!
  • Read up on green ways to avoid mosquitos and other pesky bugs. You don’t have to drown yourself in Deet to enjoy the outdoors!
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