summer sleep…
making your bed for a cool night


Summertime and the livin’ is… warm. By the time July rolls around, most of us have swapped out our winter bedding in favor of lighter covers. Sure, that could be as simple as putting away the heavy duvet and wool blankets, but we still want our summer bedding to feel as rich and luxurious as it did all winter long. We just want it to be cooler.

Take the chance to do a little summer swap. Pack up the dark colors and heavy fabrics until cooler weather returns. Instead top your bed with a lightweight cotton or linen blanket (for the occasional chilly summer night). While you’re at it, change out to all-cotton percale or jersey sheets for a cooler night’s sleep.

When it comes time to make the bed, don’t give up on the layered look just because it’s summer. Just replace your regular topper with a lighter, summer-weight duvet and use a light cotton throw as an accent. If you want a streamlined look for sweltering nights, skip the duvet entirely and layer on an extra top sheet, or light blanket in its stead. You’ll get all the color pop you want without the added weight. Add a light throw to handle a nippy night and you’re set.

Lighten things up visually as well with brighter colored accents and finishes that don’t look quite so cuddly. Trade out your nubby woven throws for something lighter and smoother and switch to summery linen throw pillows. If you want to add a touch of romance, hang a mosquito net as a lightweight canopy, the effect is breezy and cool.

If allergies aren’t a problem, feather or down pillows are your friends. The natural fibers breath better than poly fill so you’ll be comfortable even when the temperatures are high. Add a wool or feather mattress pad; you’ll stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter with the added layer of insulation between you and your mattress. If you just have to have a duvet, a summer-weight down comforter is an ideal choice.

So, you’ve made your bed and now you’re ready to lie in it, but the room is still just stifling. Short of cranking up the AC, what can you do? Start by turning on a fan to get some air moving. If nighttime temperatures drop significantly, consider opening your windows to bring in those evening breezes; you can close them back up before the heat of the day. Keep your bedroom dark during the day by drawing the curtains or blinds to help block out the sun and prevent the room from warming up as much. If you’ve got a screened porch, consider doing what our ancestors did – create a sleeping porch for those really muggy nights.

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